RMA Service


Please be sure to read both our Warranty Policy, and RMA Service Procedure before shipping back any units.

  • What is RMA Service?

Return Material Authorization, is the authorization for products returned from customer to IBRIDGE.COM CO., LTD. once defective product is found at customer’s side.

  • How to obtain RMA service

First, you must check our warranty policy then contact us. Give us information about failure symptoms. And fill out RMA Request Form we provide you.

  • Service Contact

If you have any question or  uncertain about the cause of trouble before shipping, contact our support team by e-mail : jeff.park@i-brdg.com

  • RMA Procedure

Please read document below, you can see how RMA is proceeded :

IB RMA Procedure

  • RMA Request Form

To obtain RMA service you must fill  in RMA Request form and send to our support team.

Go to RMA Request Form

RMA Instructions

  • Request
  1.  Feel in  the RMA Form
  2.  RMA number processed
  3.  Once RMA number is processed and given,

Follow the steps below:

  • Packaging
  1. Print the given RMA number
  2. Put the printed RMA number into the package
  3. RMA Units must be packed in the product’s exclusive boxes or be packed in fully protectable boxes to prevent products from getting damaged during arrival to IBRIDGE.COM.

         -In case products are damaged on the way to IBRIDGE.COM, IBRIDGE.COM will not take any responsibilities for the damaged goods.

         -Therefore, we politely recommend our customers to give more concern when packing RMA products

  • Shipping
  1. Customers should provide packing list, invoice or tracking # to IBRDGE.COM’s support team within 2 business days after they have shipped the RMA units to IBRIDGE.COM. Failure to do so may delay the RMA processing time.

         -In case of DOA, reported from 30 business days of Invoice Date. Return Shipping Label(DHL) will be provided if requested.

       *Rush shipments cannot be requested.

         -For all the other cases, packages can be shipped on both CC(Consignee Collect) or PP(Prepaid) condition. However, that for CID cases, shipping fees will be charged. We recommend shipments to be done on CC condition in CID cases.

 Shipping Address:

504, 1bunge Plaza, 1024-16, Yeongtong-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 16702

Once RMA Product is sent to IBRIDGE.COM ‘s KR office. It will be examined first. After the examination, products will be repaired or be replaced if unrepairable.

  • DOA(Dead On Arrival) Process

All DOA units must be reported to IBRIDGE.COM within 30 business days of receiving the unit. DOA requests exceeding the 30 business days will be denied and IBRIDGE.COM will not issue an RMA to return the product. Customer must follow proper RMA process to return DOA unit. IBRIDGE.COM must receive DOA units within 30 business days from date of report. IBRDIGE.COM will ship replacement units within 15 business days from date DOA unit is received in KR store.

  • CID(Customer Induced Defects) Process

Units mishandled, misused, un-willfully damaged, modified, changed, neglected, or defected by customer or via customer end customer. If applicable end customers will be responsible for all cost associated with repairing and returning the CID unit to IBRIDGE.COM for repair.

  • Repair Charge

A repair charge will be issued for out of warranty units and for mishandled, misused, un-willfully damaged, modified, changed, neglected, or defected by customer.

Repair fee will be charged based on labor cost, plus parts, shipping fees.

  • Shipping Costs
  1. For a DOA case, IBRIDGE.COM will cover round trip shipping fees.
  2. For in-warranty cases, round trip shipping fees will be covered. CID cases are NOT included.
  3. For out of warranty cases, customers will be responsible for round trip shipping fees.